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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Melissa Nickle, and I am the Owner and Head Designer at Blossom Sweet. I first dipped my toes in the water of the floral world in 2003 and for several years became well-acquainted with the technical side of the floral industry. Then, after experiencing high demand for my personal artistry, I officially dove in and started my own company in 2008. I am happy to have done hundreds of weddings since, and am grateful for my team members who have helped make it all possible.

My passion lies in creativity and in adoration of all things beautiful. My infatuation with design, passion for creativity, eye for color, and one of a kind artistic flair have all meshed seamlessly together, leading me to create this business which is a huge part of my life.

Beyond floral design, artsy endeavors in general are kind of my thing. I'm passionate about many other avenues of design, especially architechtural, interior, and landscaping. In fact, when I'm not doing flowers it's likely I'm working on old homes and scheming up ways to make them rise to beauty once again inside and out.

Well, I'd say that's enough about me. Looking forward to getting to know YOU! Let's talk flowers.


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